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Slide Presentations

Please note that all these photographs are the copyright of Colin Varndell

Colin travels widely to lecture and give slide presentations. His current shows are detailed below. The presentations generally last about an hour and can be adapted to suit gardening and natural history organisations, photographic clubs and general audiences. If you are interested in making a booking please email ( your telephone number and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and to make a firm booking.


“The Natural Beauty of Dorset” - a whistle-stop tour of Dorset

Throughout 2012 and 2013, Colin shot a series of images for the book ‘The Natural Beauty of Dorset’ which was published in 2014. This presentation includes a selection of some of these images, as well as others, covering geology, landscape and natural history with accompanying informative narrative. You are sure to discover something new – we did!


A Wild Garden

This presentation is based on Colin and Susy’s wild garden. It shows the variety and breadth of wildlife that can be attracted to a garden that is planned specifically with that in mind. It covers all aspects of garden wildlife including birds, mammals and insects. It also demonstrates the ability to have a formal garden that is attractive to wildlife as well as the less formal areas.


Close Encounters

Colin has long been passionate about macro photography and this presentation brings together his various close-up skills in the field of nature photography. The presentation covers a wide range of nature subjects, most of which can actually be found in our own gardens including: frost, raindrops, leaf details, reflections, icicles, abstract patterns, dew, wild flowers, bursting buds, dragonflies, butterflies, tree blossoms, mosses, nuts, fungi, cobwebs, autumn colour, hornets and catkins.

For those who wish to have a double two part evening, there is a follow up on the techniques used.



This presentation is made up of pictures from Colin’s 38 year career of photographing wildlife. This humorous presentation comprises many previously unseen pictures, beginning with the first wildlife photographs Colin took back in the seventies and ending with some of his most recent digital images.



This presentation is made up of images demonstrating photographic techniques for capturing scenics, plants and wildlife. It is aimed at photographers and camera clubs and is in two parts. The first part covers landscapes and plant life, the second part covers invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds.




This presentation covers some of the wild animals of Dorset including amphibians, reptiles and mammals with interesting information on each species covered. Colin will not only show you photographs of animals which you would probably otherwise struggle to see, but he will also explain how he takes photographs of these wild animals.